6 Best News Apps in India

Staying updated is important, in all aspects of life. Some people just want to know about the weather while others want to know about sports. People also want to know what is going on in the local city, on a cultural level. Some are interested in gossip and celebrities.

We use the internet to quickly find the information we need. Local applications are often the best, as they are tailored to a specific location and to specific people’s searches and patterns. In India, people use mobile phones a lot, and they are one of the country’s favorite pastimes. 

Here are the best next applications in India.

Inshorts – Short and To the Point

Nothing beats an application which goes straight to the point. This one delivers news from all over the world, with a picture and some text. If you want to learn more, you can, of course, but this is a great way to stay updated when commuting or anywhere where you need quick data access, like a lunch break at work.

Dailyhunt – News for All Topics

News that hits hard are interesting, but what about the entertainment world, Bollywood, technology, the car industry and everything else? Dailyhunt covers that and more. The only problem is that the application is littered with ads, so people might be turned off by that. After all, you are here for the news, not for the advertisements (but that is a general issue of many “free” applications). The app is available in multiple languages, from English to local ones.

Jionews – The World at Your Hand

Everybody loves an application which is easy to use and Jionews fits the description very well. It is one of those applications which you can navigate with one hand and choose the news you want to read, from all over the world, in multiple languages. It covers topics like podcasts and culture, which some news apps tend to forget or bury under headlines and scandals.

Knappily – Knowledge Application Daily

With a name like Knappily and its meaning written above, one can already expect news on plenty of topics and indeed, the application delivers. You can choose your topics, anything from science and culture to burning issues and popular news. It is a great application which covers more than just the headlines.

TOI – Times of India

This application belongs to the newspaper giants, Times of India. The application is interesting because it delivers news on all topics but the premium version has better news and more in detail topics, and not just the news detailing a star’s journey to a movie theater.

The Hindu

When an application is created by one of the largest news companies in India, you can expect it to deliver and to be professional while doing so. The Hindu does just that, and more. From all sorts of news at the palm of your hand, you do not even have to look at the screen, the application can read all the text to you.

These are the 6 best news applications in India, available on iOS and Android.