How to Apply for a Government Job – It Depends

Working is necessary and everybody has to work to survive (not technically true due to plenty of rich people). Freelancers have the will to do everything on their own, and the courage to do so. Private companies can be tough to work for because they arrange their business whichever way they want which can be bad for the employee.

One is left with government jobs, which can be great, the only question is how does one apply for a government job? It depends on the job in question.

Military and Police – Service and Education

For military jobs, one has to do military service in order to get employed, often at the lowest rank after finishing service. Depending on the country, but almost always, for higher ranks, a higher education is needed, even more so if one wants to be a fighter pilot or to join the navy and progress in the ranks.

Police jobs follow a similar path, though police officers have to go through a course first and afterwards join an academy, be a temporary and then advance to a rank of police officer.  

Law Careers – Attorneys and Judges

These careers always vary by country but the procedure is the same. One has to finish a school of law, often a university and get their degree. After some volunteer work, or rather, practice, one needs to pass a bar exam.

After that, one can start their job as an attorney, even on their own, though in order to actually work for the government, you would have to be a defence attorney or a prosecutor, or a judge (a private law firm does not count).

Education – Schools and Universities

There have been honorary teachers at universities, but mostly for art and music, almost never for science or anything similar. The procedure for applying for these jobs is one of the simplest ones. After graduating from a university and passing all the necessary exams for pedagogy and psychology, one can apply for a position of a school teacher.

University positions require PhDs and years of experience, so that is something to be had in mind prior to pursuing such a career.

Any Other Jobs – Banks, Firefighters, Drivers, Nurses

There are jobs aplenty and none of them are that unique that they require something special other than a degree and practical experience, usually acquired through volunteer or barely paid work. Some jobs require physical tests and other specialized tests, like driving instructors and examiners, law professionals, mountain rescue and many more.

Stenographers, IT government jobs and everything else in the public sector require almost the same education levels, except manual labor jobs like railroad building or construction working, as well as cleaning and maintenance.

Applying for government jobs in India is not different to any other country, particularly for military or police jobs, law and jobs in the medical profession. Government jobs have pretty much similar requirements to jobs in the private sector, unless they are specialized jobs like undercover work, but that is a story of its own.