What is the Role of a Government in a Country?

Organization is important, first on a daily basis and secondly on a larger basis, as a community and then as an entire species, a sentient one with intelligent thoughts and (sometimes) actions.

As individuals, we do our best to take care of our daily lives and that of our closest ones. But, there are things which are out of our hands, like defence on a country level, building shelters from floods and rains and many more things which a government should do, leading us to the topic of what actually should a government do?

There are three basic things that a government should do, protect, provide and nurture.

Protecting – External, Internal and Personal

A country should always protect its citizens but that protection is not just a single thing, but takes multiple forms. 

External Protection – The Military

Even though nobody wants a war, sometimes, there are feuds between countries, often over things like resources and territories so one has to defend their citizens and their interests. With that in mind, the military is still a necessary part of a functioning country.

Shelters and Prevention – Natural Disasters

Citizens should always feel safe in their country but that is possible through the country’s efforts to actually make them safe. If an area is prone to flooding, there should be sandbags or any other way of making a village and town stay dry and safe. This also goes for other extreme events like tornadoes, summer wildfires and winter freezes and snowstorms.

Personal – Suicide Prevention and Social Help

Some people cannot handle life at some point and when there is no way out, people unfortunately shorten their lives. Sucicide prevention lines and particularly encouragement and care, should be something normal in every country.

Social care should also exist and actually be helpful to people who need it, material and emotional.

Providing – Food and Opportunities

People need to live off something, so they need water, food and a roof over their heads. Those who can afford that, they are often alright, but for those that cannot, they need assistance which can be social care or shelters for the homeless.

There is a factor of some villages not having a steady supply of water or indoor plumbing. All of that should be taken care of by the government.

People should be given job opportunities in every industry and every part of the country, not just the large cities. From a farmer, to a handyman and police officer, to doctors and professors, everyone should get their opportunity to work and develop.

Nurture – Upbringing and Education

From an early age, humans tend to learn and pick up everything around them. Children need a proper environment to develop in, which is why countries need to invest in upbringing, helping parents, but also helping the children even more.

The education system should also be a top priority, because those same children will grow up to be the country’s brains and arms and legs, and they will be the next driving force, which is why it is necessary to invest in them, but also because it is the humane and right thing to do.

From kindergarten to college and beyond, children and the country’s youth should get all the opportunities they need to progress and develop, never fearing about their future. A country should never prey on their youth, but rather nurture them.

Governments have three basic principles they need to follow to be somewhat successful, protecting providing for and nurturing their citizens. This takes lots of organization and tiers and layers of people willing to devote their time and make a country a better place. At least, it should be like that, but reality tells us a different story.